“DO NOT ENTER” sign needed for Social Media program

Back at it after a few days off…

As I took some personal days with my family, I was able to enjoy time away from work and simply being a consumer. It was a nice (and recommended) respite from analyzing and critiquing companies and businesses…

…for about 27 minutes. 😉

Kidding aside, as I was in ‘observation mode’, it struck me that a fundamental mistake companies seem to make is to let their marketing/sales departments run their social media campaigns.

Think about the guiding fundamentals for a Marketing department (staying on message, ‘brand brand brand’, etc). Now, think about everything that social media stands for (transparency, genuine conversation, no ‘bs’).

I don’t see this as a recipe for success.

If a company is serious about its Social Media campaign, then it should put its Customer Service Department in charge. They are more adept to speaking in a natural tone, will be better received, and won’t trip as many ‘BS Radars’.

I’d love your thoughts.

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