“Email Blasts” are “anti-Social”

I received an “Email Blast!” (funny how they have evolved from cutting edge marketing to soooooo yesterday…and ineffective) yesterday from a golf course I recently played.

On the “EMAIL BLAST!”, they listed their rates and said to ‘come out and play’.  It had been over a week since I played, but I didn’t notice anything different in their rates, so I checked out their site to confirm my suspicion.  Viola…nothing different.

Not only was the email a waste of my time to wait for it to download on my mobile device, it was an insult (what, I don’t know how much I paid?), and it was anti-social (they didn’t ask me a question, therefore I have nothing to say to them).

Yes, I get it.  You want me to come play your course. You wouldn’t be able to meet payroll or pay for all the mowing equipment if you didn’t have revenues from greens fees.  Yet instead of the pricey/time consuming effort of generating an “EMAIL BLAST!!!” (not to mention the cluttering of my inbox), why not engage in conversation with me on Facebook/Twitter?  You want me to think of you for my next round of golf?  Here are some post/tweet ideas:

“What do you think is the easiest hole on our course?”

“If you could only play 17 holes today, which hole would you want to skip?”

“Do you have a standing bet with your buddies, or does it change each round?”

If your goal is to be on the top of the list of courses I want to play, then be the one that converses with me…and not AT me.

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