Flaunt Your Mistakes

It goes against the instinct of anyone that wants to succeed in a professional/business setting, or that wants to be liked/respected in our personal lives.

What is “it”?  Failing and making mistakes are “it”.

As a specific example, I can’t think of any restaurant that would prefer to give a customer a poor dining experience.  A confluence of poor service and bad food would make for quite the angry customer…and said person might cause a bit of a scene in front of 20-50 other diners.  Worse yet, there is a very good possibility they will post their opinion on Facebook and/or Twitter.

My opinion? You better HOPE they post it on Facebook…because that is your only chance to show the world your willingness to get it right.

There are far too many companies that will ‘cleanse’ their wall of any negative comments by customers.  To do this is to not comprehend the ‘power of community’, and how it can help you in even the worst of situations.  My mantra will always be “don’t type/post it if you wouldn’t say it” applies here, albeit in a different sense.  To take down or ignore a negative post is no different than ignoring a complaint given in person.  You wouldn’t dare do it in person…why do it online?

Worse yet, you are missing out on the chance to broadcast to the world your customer service capabilities…and better yet…you’ll notice MANY of your ‘fans’ sticking up for you.  By keeping ALL posts on your wall, you’ll at the very least show your fans you care enough about their voice, you’ll definitely strengthen the loyalty of your existing fan base, and you’ll probably win back a potential fan.

If you take down the post, none of the above is possible.  Are you going to let your pride get in the way of success? Its your call!

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